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WFA Student Testimonials

Mother's and ladies,


I just attended the most wonderful firearms class (Handgun tactics and skill building) with John Delmonico. I cannot tell you how important this class was for me...this is a MUST for women and self-confidence building!!!


John is a skilled former police officer, and there is no one else I would feel safer with. He listens and talks about women's issues like I've never heard before. He could actually be a psychologist easy! I walked away having more confidence in my personal protection and safety than any other time in my life.  


I feel in my gut that this academy is an important point for me in my life. I have had to learn the hard way in my life that no one is a better protector of me, than me!


I have never felt more comfortable in a firearms/self defense class in my life.


John is my favorite new WF discovery.


I'd like to invite you all who are interested in getting to know yourself more and learning about who you are and how you think in dangerous situations.


Please check out WOMEN'S FIREARM ACADEMY today and tell John that Ms. Emily from WF Ballet sent you!


It is important for women to know these vital things for the time in which we live and for our children ...I believe it is a duty.


Let me know if you're interested and we can all go together for the next class. It is just 12 minutes from town.


Share Your WFA Experience

Thanks for sharing your testimony! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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