WFA Student Testimonials

So much good to say! From the very first phone call John made me feel completely comfortable with my questions and he filled in the gaps with what I didn't know to ask. I felt the same comfort in the direction I was going through email as well. I showed up to the first non-lethal class, Protecting you and your loved ones. It is about awareness and avoidance. It opened my eyes to look at things straight on rather than just try to ignore them. It has been interesting, fun and empowering to implement what was learned.

I've gone on to take the How to Choose a Gun course. I went at it knowing I may choose to get one or I may not. I needed to find out what I wanted to do. John is so competent! He is clear yet not intimidating in any way when teaching.

I've now taken the second non-lethal class and it was truly apparent how every female should seek out this knowledge. John was such an excellent instructor!! I was riveted through the whole class. It was so Empowering! John was truly thorough, patient and helping until you experienced what he is trying to teach so then it makes an imprint.

I am definitely continuing on with the classes. It has fast become an interest/passion rather than a "need to". That has all to do with the right instructor!!! Thank you John! So grateful to have found the Women's Firearm Academy. How fortunate are we to have :)



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