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Train with Women's Firearm Academy

"If you knew that tomorrow you would have to fight for your life,
how hard would you train today?"
Lt. Brian Murphy

All of our classes focus on choosing safety first, along with a strong emphasis on awareness and avoidance, before you choose to use a gun. Our goal is to provide high quality, effective, and affordable training for people who are serious about their personal and family safety. We want to give you the tools, knowledge, and skills that can help increase your odds of survival during any threatening situation.

110 intro to shotgun
230 how to draw and carry
protect loved ones
selfdefense law you
220 effective shot placement 3D anatomy

About Us

Here at the Women’s Firearm Academy, we teach confidence. Everything that we do revolves around safety, awareness, and avoidance, before you may have to use a gun. It is not just about learning to shoot but recognizing your strengths, refining your abilities, and harnessing your power in all areas, so you can live with confidence. Knowledge builds confidence and confidence is a non-victim quality.


We want everything that we teach to have real world practical applications, not just theory or provide false sense of security. Our classes are for all levels; we teach the fundamentals through advanced courses and break down the process for our students one step at a time. Our goal is to give you the confidence in your knowledge, skills, and ability the handle the situation at hand. Think about your self-defense strategy from a global perspective. We want you to approach your training like you may have to fight, and be covered physically, morally, ethically, and legally.


You are preparing for an event that we all pray will never happen. However, if it does, we want you to have to awareness to see the problems coming, avoid it if you can, and if you cannot, have the tools and skills necessary to not only survive the physical fight, but the mental and legal battle in the aftermath. This is not about living in fear, it is about living in reality.


Thank you for choosing WFA, and we will do everything that we can to help you build confidence and succeed…


Sonya & John 

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