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Self-Defense and the Law

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7 hours

Class Details & Information

This course is an in depth look at the essential elements needed for a successful self-defense claim from the perspective of the criminal justice system. We will discuss the five key elements of self-defense, the castle doctrine, stand your ground laws, self-defense immunity, gun free zones, the criminal justice process from the 911 call thru the jury verdict, Montana specific statutes, case law, and jury instructions, post incident interactions with the police, and an analysis of the myths surrounding a recent high- profile self-defense case and the media. The legal issues surrounding self-defense are the most often neglected and misinformed part of self-defense training. The media, law enforcement, and prosecutors routinely apply incorrect terms, tactics, and laws when reporting and applying them to lawful claims of self-defense. The truth is that it is your responsibility to know those laws and how to apply them before any deadly or non-deadly incident occurs. Ignorance of the law is not a defense in a court. You have won the fight for your life. Are you prepared to defend your actions not only to the police but prosecutors and eventually in front of a jury and win? Class size limited to ten students.

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Payment is due at the time of registration. Class fees are non-refundable 72 hours prior to the start of the class. Minimum course enrollment is four (4) students. If minimum enrollment is not met, students will be notified 48 hours prior to class start.

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